Using CloudSync on Microsoft servers

Note: A future version of CloudSync will enable "running as a service". In the meantime this tried and tested technique should be used where you need automated (no user intervention) or "Remote Desktop" server installations.

The CloudSync software currently requires a LOGGED ON user before the client will "run" and thus perform the scheduled backups/synchronizing of data.
This is because the 3rd-party modules "hook" into the "current_user" object to access the "user_settings" and "user_documents".

Microsoft fully support a documented technique to allow a user to logon automatically, which would thus perform the same task as a user manually logging on. Here are the relevant Microsoft articles:

If you experience any issues with CloudSync, even using auto-logon above, then please let us know - we're always "in development" and appreciate user input to drive the software forwards.

Article ID: 156, Created On: 2/17/2013, Modified: 2/17/2013

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