From a "user" perspective

On the SmarterMail logon page click "Forgot your password?"

Enter your email address and the onscreen code (CAPTCHA code)

You will get a reset email sent to your backup email address from ""

Click the link in the reset email

Enter your new password to regain access to your account

Note: You chose your "backup" email address when you first logged into your webmail

From a domain admin perspective

Log onto SmarterMail as a domain admin

Go to Domain Settings > Users > [Edit a specific user]

On the "User" tab note the field "Backup Email Address"

You can overwrite this backup address on behalf of a user

Note: if you simply want to reset a user's password for them, you can enter the new password on the same page

Article ID: 170, Created On: 10/20/2014, Modified: 10/20/2014

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