Regional Engineering & Repair Delays - Resolved This is to confirm the MBORC is now listed as closed. The notification received from our suppliers is as below:

"Parts of the UK were hit with severe storm conditions, with heavy rain and lightning strikes, between Thursday 18 and Friday19 September 2014.

This seriously impacted our suppliers infrastructure both above and below ground with fault intake over the weekend and into Monday at extremely high levels.

Our supplier declared MBORC for repair activities, in two areas, with effect from 23:59 22 September 2014.

We were able to remove MBORC for repair activities from one of the areas, with effect from 23:59 26 September 2014.

Additional resource has been directed into the remaining area to bring the position back to normal as quickly as possible and we are now able to remove MBORC for repair activities from the area below, with effect from 23:59 Friday 10 October 2014.


This is the final lifting of MBORC for repair activities and MBORC MB10776 is now closed."

Apologies for any inconvenience which may have been experienced during this period.

Friday, October 10, 2014 3:06 PM